It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Super Stoopid!

In this second installment in the "Memoirs Of A Teen-Aged Idiot" series, I want to tell you about this one time, at band camp...
Just kidding. I didn't go to band camp. I have, however, made my fair share of…

And It Was Her Worst Date Ever!

I moved to the Memphis-area, Walls, MS, to be exact, in July, 2003. I remember the date vividly: I had spent the last two years driving to Memphis three days a week for school, and I moved to the area…

My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (AND First Video Blog!)

I have a Private Party this Friday, August 29, 2014, at Jugtown Grill in beautiful downtown Aberdeen, MS, for the Aberdeen High School Classes of 1973-74 Class Reunion. I will be donating my share of the proceeds from this…

Tips For Being a Lady's Man #21

Give your lady friends pet names, names only you call them. And I'm talking names deeper than just "baby" or "honey." Put a little thought into it. Enough time around a lady will reveal something about her that strikes you…

The Next 42 Years

So, tomorrow will be the last day I will ever be 41 years old. Man, there was so many things I intended to have accomplished by this time in my life!
When I was 14 years old, I knew exactly…

Facebook Band Pages

Lately, I have been inundated with requests to "Like my page" on Facebook. I get it, you want numbers for people to see and maybe, JUST MAYBE, one of the someones will be someone important, and will help you launch…

Memoirs Of a Teen-Aged Idiot!

Went to visit an old high school friend the other day. It's been a while since we've sat and caught up with each other; most times we just see each other in passing and don't get to sit and reminisce…

The Number Are Thru the Roof!

It's been a crazy few weeks. Things have been coming at me so fast, I haven't really had a chance to do much more than just acknowledge them, so in the spirit of giving everyone a little justice, here we…

What Have We Learned, Class?

So, I'm staring down the barrel of 42. There, I've said it. I have publicly acknowledge the fact that I am about to be another year older. Man, what a bummer!
Actually, I take that back. It isn't a bummer…

Has It Been A Year Already?

I swear, it only seems like a month or so ago since I was typing a blog to let you know about the new CD, "Booze, Bluez, & BBQ: Live In Tupelo." It's hard to believe it's actually been a…

Dude! What are you doing in my car?

I had the oddest encounter yesterday in Aberdeen.
I work as a graphic designer in Aberdeen during the week and have been for around the last year. I have fallen into a routine that is quite comfortable, where every day…

Do You Think You Have What It Takes?

Those of you who know me personally know that I'm a graphic artist and have been for going on 20 years. I've been pretty successful in my "career" (I used quotes because I see design as my part-time job