Booze, Bluez, & BBQ: Live In Tupelo

by The Kevin Waide Project

Recorded live at the 41st Annual Tupelo Hog Roast on May 18, 2013 by Jim Staten and Q-Now Audio and Mobile Recordings.

Featuring Chris "The Immortal SuperFoosh" Fooshee on drums and debuting newcomer Blake Miller on bass, with a special appearance by "The Emfamus" Skip Oliver on harp, the Project winds down the blues highway with brand new songs as well as your favorites from the debut album "Lost In Mississippi." Bonus Studio Tracks featuring Jason Carter on lead and slide guitar.

"Great! A must have!" - Gayla G., Baldwyn, MS

"Coming from me, who don't even like rockin' blues, I love the Project!" Vinnie C., Mooreville, MS

"This CD is excellent from both an aural and visual standpoint. The music is a blues lover's treat and its presentation is top-notch, a truly creative design. Anyone who is a blues fan should have one of these." - Curtis F., Aberdeen, MS

credits released 13 August 2013

Kevin Waide - Vocals, Rhythm/Lead/Slide Guitar; Blake Miller - Bass; Chris Fooshee - Drums; Special Guest Skip Oliver - Harp; Jason Carter - Lead/Slide Guitar, tracks 10, 11, 12 (Left Channel)

Tracks 1-9 Recorded by Jim Staten, Q-Now Audio and Mobile Recordings Tracks 10-12 Recorded by Kevin Waide and Chris Fooshee at Double Wide Studio All Tracks Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Waide and Chris Fooshee at Double Wide Studio

The Naked Truth

by The Kevin Waide Project

I recorded this album for my parents Christmas 2012. If you're interested in it, have a copy. All it will cost you is your e-mail address.


released 26 December 2012

Everything by Kevin Waide.

Lost In Mississippi

by The Kevin Waide Project

"Lost In Mississippi" is The Kevin Waide Project's solo debut album, blending the different blues dialects with funk, country, rock, and soul for a down home sound that takes you from the hill country of northeast Mississippi to the heart of the delta.

"'Lost in Mississippi' is just a great blues record. Great guitar work, great simple songwriting, and just a good groove. I have seen Kevin play many times live, and he really captures what he does live on this record. He plays with a lot of soul. Good stuff and a great listen." - Paul S., Tupelo, MS

"If you are a blues lover, or a rock listener, (this album) makes a great introduction to the blues, one that will surprise you. I would recommend this CD for your collection." - Bill U., London, UK


released 21 November 2012

Kevin Waide - Vocals, Guitar

Skip Oliver - Harmonica

Jimmy Karow - Bass

Chris Fooshee - Drums

Jason Carter - Second Guitar on "Gone"

Chuck McArthur - Bass on "Gone"

Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Kevin Waide and Chris Fooshee at Double Wide Studio

"Gone" recorded live at the 2011 Bukka White Blue Bluff Festival in Aberdeen, MS by Rick Moreland

Novus Jove

Long Time Comin'

by Novus Jove

Jimmy Bell - Vocals Kevin Waide - Lead, Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals Taki Moore - Keyboards Nic Murphy - Bass/Backing Vocals Randy Martin - Drums